One in a Million 2

One in a Million 2

Into battle, a fearless man

Been around since the struggle began

Saw it all through the worry and pain

Fought hard in every loss and gain

He did it all for his people

He stood and fought against the evil

One in a million, he battled so hard

One in a million, leader of the guard

One in a million, he battled for you

One in a million, his honour is true

’33 was the Order’s start

Ten thousand to begin the guard

Clear the streets as the troopers march

Storm columns ready to start now

They marched from tyranny to freedom

The people with the hero there to lead them

Now they’re ready to give their all

They can hear their forefathers’ call

Death will march at their right hand

Victory will be the black bands’

Marching for a Europe of the people

And at their head their gallant leader