Chingford Attack are a band everyone knows of, yet seen very little of lately. More disturbing is that another bunch of misfits have released a CD using the bands name. Enough was enough, we asked the Granddad of the White Power scene and Chingford Attack founder member 'Big Mick' a few questions to settle many queries about the band....
Welcome to the column that gives a no holds barred view of events in a somewhat satirical fashion.
There are though, draconian laws inhibiting our once coveted right to express ourselves. The system still insists that we are a free country where freedom of expression is paramount. What garbage that is, the only views that the system will upheld your right to express, are those that agree with their democratic dictatorship. As a writer it is hard to not infringe their law.

In a society that calls us extreme and right wing I disagree. We are not the extremists as we do not, for instance promote the decadent of buggary. We abhor the decimation of our gene pool. We are proud to be part of the 8% of the worlds homo-sapien populance. We are the ethnic minority and so its laughable to hear the ZOG puppets referring to other Races as such. The constant harping on about there not being enough 'coloureds' in this or that occupation is being addressed by our rulers. The power of White gentiles to forge our destiny has diminished massivly since the end of WW2 which was the last serious attempt to throw off the Zionist shackles.

We are the moderates, the system is extreme, they let child molesters roam the streets, they pander to fenian murder gangs, they harass motorists incessantly and let burglars steal, rapists rape and muggers rob their victims with little deterrent. The next worse thing to miscegnation for our Nations well is abuse of drugs, i'm not talking about the occasionl spliff, i'm referring to 'E', cocaine and heroine derivatives. The sad individuals that get into this cycle supposedly for 'the hit' ought really try to enhance their character and personality with more tradional methods.

How about hard work, cleanliness and self respect. Why don't those men that swap mothers for a wife after adolescence admit it, they are hen pecked and incapable of functioning because they never stood on their own two feet. If, for no other reason, the scourge of drug infestation should be resisted because whilst us old fashioned individuals are at work doing the boring thing (and paying our way) these low life miscreants are robbing your houses and desecrating your homes

It has been Blood & Honour policy here in old blighty to be positive about our scenes, this policy being unity last year (or a few months previous). Unfortunately, silence on some things has kept the facts that we in England, Scotland, Wales and Ulster know, from our European comrades. It is a fact that some of the much larger continental Divisions of Blood & Honour have absolutely no idea about the truth in England. Many people abroad still believe the word of one liar and dismiss the word of ten, or any number of honest and true patriots. With the expulsion of Del O'Connor from Will Brownings ever shrinking band of followers come the usual lies about him being a traitor, state informer, money maker etc etc... I don't have a problem with the mis-guided followers of the states right wing honey trap, their every move is monitored by the states agents, Gerry Gable and his decrepid 'Searchlight' rag has regular reports of their activities and still they follow, but for how much longer? The door to the real resistance is still open, but until you see the light don't take orders to attack real patriots......enough said for now!

"Schlagt's dich in scherben ich steh' fur zwei und geht's an's sterben ich bin dabei!"

Hier marschiert der Nationaler widerstand....SIEG HEIL.

Zoli, Borczy, Jabba, Front line fighters for White Power who are still in the sights of the Hungarian oppressors and are still awaiting court appearences for being 'Archivum' - tellers of truth and the system don't like it!!.

Sale, Aca, Dule..Belgrade Serbian Idealists, good luck with your own Unity Movement. "ONLY UNITY SAVES SERBS", B&H Serbia, Hammerskins, Work F.C supporters and Serbian Front guys under one banner. Best wishes for the new '88' record label. For indirect correspondence with Serbian comrades write to:
Aleksander Maksovic, SHS,
PO Box 46, 11070
Belgrade, Serbia - YU

Good luck Maja in your new life in Austrailia and Aleks, learn to smile mate. Lastly, greetings to the Slovenian car wash Rok, alias Jamnik - the king of Jamnik, an honour to be my guest.
Keep the faith.

Since Chingford Attack last appeared in B&H you've had line up changes, tell us of the new line up and also details of new songs and plans for the Millennium?

Chingford currently have Mick/ vocals, Steve/ Guitar, Brian/ Bass and that other firm favourite Animal on drums. Our new songs include 'Call Yourself What You Will', 'Only The Foolish Are Fooled', 'Don't Call Me Mate' and 'Who's Afraid Of The Little French Prick'... that's a great singalong song and crowd favourite. Plans for the Millennium?..Gigs, more drink and if there's any room left...more drink!!!!!

The label 'ISD' has put out a CD by a band who are for some reason calling themselves Chingford Attack. What are your feelings on this release and what can you tell our readers about this phoney, pseudo NS band and its motives?

When we first heard about the CD we thought live material had been bootlegged but letters started being sent to the B&H and C.A boxes by comrades complaining that they had bought this CD and it wasn't Chingford. We have even recieved copies of the shit from comrades asking for their money back. In Belgium a comrade asked for a CD to be signed and when told it wasn't Chingford and he should get his money back he just slung it in the bin saying that's where it belongs and other good NS folk shouldn't be fooled into buying it. In Britain it has been boycotted totally because everyone knows the score. Maybe a few mugs have bought it but it has to be said that if they support piracy like this then are they NS anyway? Anyway, more fool them. We now have reports that it is being sent free in bulk to various distributors around Europe sometimes in batches of 100 so it hasn't sold and is now just being used to curry favour by arse licking and only greedy people will fall for this state trick. The Danish label, if they knowingly supported this con, should have some pride and stop desecrating our founders initials and ideas and start using ImSaD (or MMM) - Money Making Machine - instead. What of the phoney, pseudo-NS band and their motives?...well, it has been narrowed down to members of the Blackshirts and another band calling themselves No Remorse - not Paul Burnley's or Big Jackos but yet another one altogether again (probably just singing Paul Burnley songs again)...Who they are we don't know but we certainly know who they are NOT. Motives, even a half blind bloke can work that out. Maybe they'll do the next Brutal Attack or Warlord CD next cos they're good earners.

You've played several small gigs over the last year, when are you releasing your debut CD, why has it taken you so long and which label will it be on?

We love the small piss up gigs where everyone knows each other and its just a party really. Chingford is more of a spirit than a band and having a laugh in these depressing times is our main Ian. As our debut CD has been done for us with all OUR material we think we'll let them do our second one as well. Its all taken so long as the expression and description "lazy bastards" isn't unknown to us. We still receive offers for CDs on a regular basis but once again, we're lazy bastards...

Chingford Attack are 100% Oi!, how do you view the heavier bands?

Chingford are 100% racket, how people like it beats me. If they can support us so fanatically I'm sure many will love bands with a heavier sound and NS message....Good luck to them all!!!

In Skinhead folklore East London was the birthplace of it all and the area brought us the '4skins'. 'Cockney Rejects' etc. What's the East End like to live in these days and is it right that large areas of the East End are being renamed to names related to our cultural 'breathen'?

As born and bred Eastenders, it saddens our hearts to see whole areas of the East End resembling poverty stricken slums of Bangladesh and Africa. Decent White folk have moved to the outskirts and Essex and Whites still living in the East End heart are flying the flag against overwhelming odds. The re-naming of places and streets from their Anglo-Saxon names dating back from hundreds of years ago to Indian/ Bangladeshi crap is political correctness from lefty outsiders being imposed on the indigenous population to quell any Nationalistic pride left in our besieged community. Multi-Racial society is so natural they have to impose it on us!!!

What are your five favourite albums and why?

'Hail The New Dawn' a Skrewdriver and White Power Classic. The first and best and an unbelievable role model for all the rest.

Who do you think are the most important three people in history and why?

1. Adolf Hitler : A far sighted leader who fought for Europe and the White man before most realised we were under threat.

2. Sir Oswald Mosley: An East End demi-god who awoke Britain to the coming Multi-Racial hell that we now live in. If only more had listened!!

3. The fellas who invented Beer and Suspenders.....Enough said!

All over Europe our ranks are swelling and the movement appears to be stronger than ever. Where do you think will be the first country to sweep to power?

By current trends Austria and Switzerland look good but the knock on effect of persuading people to vote Nationalist in other countries can only make the future look Whiter and brighter.

Which political activity do you view as most beneficial, marches, paper sales etc or direct militant action?

I cannot answer this in full length for fear of of incriminating myself but both ways are beneficial, both do the job. A lot of hard work is done by many in the parties like the BNP/NF and these have to be commended, and anyone who opposes this system directly also.

Any closing comments?

Well I think we've said it all! Cheers to all the bands that have always stuck with us, your support is fantastic and to all the lads who are the Chingford Attack barmy army, let the beers flow lads.

Well done Blood & Honour for speaking the truth and forging a better destiny!!!

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