'He Who Holds the Spear Controls the Destiny of Man'

As Jesus hung dying on the cross a roman centurion named Gaius Cassius Longinus looked on. It was a Jewish Law at the time that no Jew could be executed on the Sabbath day. Therefore any man who survived until the evening of the eve of the Sabbath would have both legs broken, this prevented the crucified man from keeping his weight off his arms and chest and he would then slump down and slowly be suffocated. The centurion Longinus who had watched Christ carry the cross through the streets and hadn't left his side until now could no longer bare to watch the mans suffering. He spared him the pain of having his legs broken and pierced the side of Christ with his spear. Hence begins the story of the 'Spear of Longinus' or 'Spear of Destiny'.

It is said that for the next 2000 years the spear changed hands many times. Constantine took ownership of the Spear when he re-built Rome; so great did he think its power that he removed the 'Ban of Christianity' and he himself converted from his Pagan gods to Christianity. Charlemagne [Charles the Great] fought his many campaigns with the Spear at his side throughout his many victories. The 2nd Army of the Crusades was saved from what was certain destruction by finding the spear. From there it came to rest in the city of Prague for a period of time before being taken to Germany. It's new home was to be the 'Hospital of the Holy Ghost' in Nuremberg. There it remained and was displayed hanging from the ceiling in a public gallery. Once a year it was taken down and placed on an altar so the many pilgrims who visited the church could view it. Royalty and other members of government gazed at it for hours; such was its 'magnetism'. In 1796 Napoleon Bonaparte rampaged with his armies through Europe. Napoleon wanted the ancient artifact for himself, so the spear was moved for safekeeping. However in the confusion of the move it came to rest in the hands of the 'Hadburgs' the Austrian Imperial family who had ruled since approx 1440. The mistake soon came to light after Napoleons defeat and Nuremberg started a campaign to have it returned. It is said the 'spear' would have remained in the hands of the 'Hadburgs' had it not be seen by a man with dreams of his own the 'Thousand year Empire' the young man was Adolf Hitler.

It is claimed that Adolf Hitler met an occultist by the name of Guido von Liszt who was leader of the 'Blood Lodge'. Adolf Hitler was fascinated by the history surrounding the spear and viewed it on many occasions whilst it was in Austria. Then in 1938 the invasion of Austria gave the Fuhrer the chance to gain the 'spear'. SS Colonel Conrad Buch was given the task along with a group of handpicked SS Storm troopers to seize the relic in the name of the Reich once the invasion began before it could be hidden away. The 'Spear of Longinus' was given to Adolf Hitler who spent many hours alone with it, the spear was at his side during the first victories of the blitzkrieg. But unknown to the Fuhrer his confident Dr Stein was in contact with 'Winston Churchill' who also had an interest in the spear, not as a mystical artifact but as a 'Flag to fight behind' for Europe’s Christians. Stien was quick to report to Churchill that the 'spear' had returned once more to Germany on an armoured train with crack SS troops as its guards and was being transported to 'St Katherines' church in Nuremberg.



Winston Churchill went on to warn the world that Adolf Hitler’s entry into Vienna could provide a change in the balance of power, knowing the 'Spear' would win many to its side. On August 17th 1942 a 'Pathfinder Force' was formed out of 4 bomber squadrons, which carried 'Pink Pansies’, a 4000 lb bomb. On the evening of August 28th in the dead of night Nuremberg was to suffer a horrific bombing run. A common rumour was that one pilot was told to bomb the church and destroy the spear forever! However it is said the Bomber pilot placed great faith in his god and wouldn't destroy a church, which he feared would bring him bad luck, so instead released his bombs just off target. In 1943 Hitler gave the order to secure a place for the 'Spear'. Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler was given the task along with Willi Liekel a staunch National Socialist. A secret 900ft long tunnel was made with coded doors each with two separate keys under Nuremberg Castle. Only Willi Lieke held both keys. There the spear remained until a group of G.I's found totally by accident a re-enforced door under the castle, here they discovered the 'Spear of Longinus' as well as other relics. Rumours persisted however that it was a fake. The main claims were Adolf Hitler had a copy made and the 'Hafburg' museum spear was a fake, the real spear being in a casket in 'Lake Zell' in Austria. The other claim is based on far more proof and not so unbelievable as some would think.

Antartica is 14 million miles square its desolate, cold and sees endless sun during summer months. Temperatures reach -80. Of all its landmarks two are named 'Fierisk Jeftens - The Jaws of Fenris' the other 'Rakekriven - The Raven' and curiously Germany had sent many military expeditions to these landmarks during the war.The mystery deepens in 1945 on March 3rd when U-530 was ordered to return home for a top-secret mission. Oberleutnant Otto Wermuth a dedicated National Socialist was ordered to take 6 bronze cases away from the 'enemies of the Reich' to a secret location. Once at sea he opened further orders, which sent him to his final destination, south to Antarctica. He was ordered to stay submerged by day and surface only at night. On arrival a party was sent out to hide the cargo. The U-boat lay submerged to await their return.

Two weeks later 16 men returned some in ill health and others with terrible frostbite, but they had completed their mission. The final mission and voyage of U-530 ended when it surfaced in Argentina on July 10, 1945. The Captain and crew surrendered whilst wearing their full military honours. An investigation into the U-boat found maps and other logs, which had been altered. The U-boat was nearly out of fuel but food was not in short supply giving thought that it must have docked somewhere. Then in May 1998 scientists found a huge cavern converted to a base in Vostak Antarctica, used they thought by the Russians. Could Germany have built and used an Antarctic base during the war? Many forged relics and other historical items were found in the ashes of National Socialist Germany, suspicion being they were too fool the Soviets into thinking they had the genuine articles.The end of the war has left us with even more questions. Is it coincidence that Adolf Hitler took his own life in a shattered Berlin after suddenly changing his mind about escape planes, a few hours after handing over the 'Spear of Longinus'? So is the 'Spear of Longinus' lying in an icy tomb in Antarctica waiting the day when someone once again holds it aloft to herald the dawning of the Fourth Reich.

WelshDragon 88