All Gave Some – Some Gave All

“You stood for your people and your people’s needs
And if a man is judged by his deeds
Then I’ll see you in Valhalla”

Paul Armstrong, Leeds
Terry Attard, The Overlords, Wapping
Lee Bebbington, Luton
Jason Bridle, Isle of Wight
Kaz Brown, Scotland
Caio “the big C”, Peggior Amico, Italy
Cameron “The Jock”, South London
Paul Casey, Violent Storm, Wales
Anita Chatelan, London
Jason Clark, Egham
Julie Conlan, South London
Steve Coogan, Archway
Nicky Crane, Skrewdriver Security & 28 founder
Darren Crewe, Chelsea Headhunters, Hounslow, W London
Mark “Chile” Easter, Doc Evil, Holloway
Ian Stuart Donaldson, Skrewdriver
“Ginger” Jim Driscoll, Gravesend
Gray, Stoke
Paul Griffith, Skrewdriver Security
John ‘Grinny’ Grinton, Skrewdriver, Poulton
Paul “Harvey” Harbinson, Valhalla, Ulster
Ron Hartley, Skrewdriver, Poulton
Kerry “Kell” Hayes, South East London
Donna Hayes, South East London
“Chubby” Chris Henderson, Combat 84, Seventh Cavalry & Chelsea Headhunters
Andrew “Stinko” Lewis, Celtic Warrior, Wales
John Keating, Tooled Up, Tooting
Dwayne “Malla” Marlow, Skrewdriver Security, Birmingham
Mick, English Rose
Sam “Skelly” McCrory, Offensive Weapon and 1st Battalion, C Company, Ulster Freedom Fighters
Correy McGuffock , March or Die, Yorkshire
“Skinhead Mick” McNeice, SE London, Section 88
Simon Moon, Walton on Thames
“Mad” Matty Morgan, Skrewdriver Security
Laura Pascamona, East London
Paul Read, Lowestoft
Leo S, London
Nick “Buster” Rich, Kent
Dieter Samoy, Kill Baby Kill
Andrea Schoenborne, London
Brian Sheeley, Violent Storm, Wales
Darren Sheeley, Violent Storm, Wales
Dave “The Blade” Sherwood, The Lynch Mob, Crawley
Merv Shields, Skrewdriver, Ulster
Andy “Humpty” Simpkins
“Scar face” Richie Stratton, West London
Paul Taggart, White City, West London
“Big” Tom, Overlords, West London
Brian Turner, Chingford
Eddie Walker, Gods of War SC, South East London
Cliff Warbury, Condemned 84, Skrewdriver
Geoff Williams, Skrewdriver
Vernon, Vengeance, Norwich