All Gave Some – Some Gave All

“You stood for your people and your people’s needs
And if a man is judged by his deeds
Then I’ll see you in Valhalla”


Paul Armstrong, Leeds


Lee Bebbington, Luton


Kaz Brown, Scotland


Jason Bridle, Isle of Wight


Caio “the big C”, Peggior Amico


Paul Casey, Violent Storm, Wales


Julie Conlan, S London


Nicky Crane, Skrewdriver Security & 28 founder


“Ginger” Jim Driscoll, Gravesend


Paul Griffith, Skrewdriver Security


Kerry “Kell” Hayes, S.E. London


Paul “Harvey” Harbinson, Valhalla, Ulster



“Chubby” Chris Henderson, Combat 84, Seventh Cavalry & Chelsea Headhunters


Andrew “Stinko” Lewis, Celtic Warrior, Wales


Cameron “The Jock”, S. London


Brian Sheeley, Violent Storm, Wales


Darren Sheeley, Violent Storm, Wales


Laura Pascamona, East London


Paul Read, Manchester


Dieter Samoy, Kill Baby Kill


Andy “Humpty” Simpkins


“Scar face” Richie Stratton, West London


“Big” Tom, Overlords, West London


Eddie Walker, Gods of War SC, S.E. London


Cliff Warbury, Condemned 84, Skrewdriver


Mark Vince, No Remorse, S. London


Geoff Williams, Skrewdriver



Leo S, London
Correy McGuffock , March or Die