London Calling Concert

In the aftermath of the ‘Battle of Waterloo’ concert in September 1992. The Government, Opposition MP’s of every party and all the left-wing anti-patriotic groups called for a blanket ban on Blood & Honour and demanded the police stop any future concerts in London. A leaflet handed out by the Marxists of Class War still smarting from their beating at the last concert entitled ‘London Calling’ called for Blood and Honour to be opposed and stopped at every turn by all means necessary.

The Trotsky organisations of the Socialist Workers Party (S.W.P.) who front the equally dubious Anti Nazi League (ANAL) stated that the musical resistance would not be allowed to hold another concert in London and any plans to do so would be met with mass mobilisation and protests. A claim which was totally implausible and unworkable to anybody with the smallest knowledge on the size of our capital and amount of sympathetic venues here. What ensued was a game of cat and mouse where Blood and Honour had the Reds marching and protesting all over the capital, with a game of deliberate misinformation and false gig announcements and posters all playing a part.

On many occasions while Blood and Honour held a gig in one area the Reds would be protesting in another, far removed from the real location. Several times Anti-Fascist thugs picketed, marched and attacked what they believed was a B & H concert only to find a “pop” concert, disco or even a wedding on one famous night. This tactic has since spread and used to much affect all over Great Britain.

Since 1992 the concert jovially named ‘London Calling’ has been held to celebrate Waterloo and show the continued stupidity of the Red anti-white groups infesting our workplaces, schools, universities and government in our nation and their continued fanciful boasts.

A selection of flyers from past London Calling concerts.