St George’s Day Concert

The St George’s Day concert is held each and every April on the nearest Saturday to the twenty third.

Another concert who’s origin began with the now defunct “White Noise Club” and has been held each year without fail by 28 since 1987. The concert is held to celebrate the “slaying of evil” (International Communism) the fabled act now represents and to remember and celebrate our nations glorious history and national identity which as we can all see is being deliberately attacked and eroded away by the powers to be, something we will not let happen.

A concert which has grown over the years and which now hosts a guest foreign band each year as well as our own home grown talent in what is one of our most popular events, a move which shows while we are immensely proud of our countries heritage and culture we realise our peoples’ survival will only be achieved through unity and mutual respect from other nations.

A selection of flyers from past B & H St George’s Day concerts.