Violent Storm Memorial

The Violent Storm Memorial has been held every march since a fateful car crash on Friday March 13th 1992 took four members of the Blood and Honour band Violent Storm away from us. Brian and Darren Sheeley, Paul Cassey and Jason Oakes were tragically lost while on their way to play a concert in Spain. Blood and Honour Wales organise this event and Welsh bands always headline the occasion.

Violent Storm

Originally the band was Billy on vocals, Paul Casey playing bass, guitarist Dennis and drummer Clarkey. After a year of hard work and struggling due to lack of money for equipment and trouble finding rehearsal places. Dennis quit the band and went into the Army and Clarkey moved to Stoke-on-Trent with his fiance. Soon after this Brian Sheeley and his brother Darren Sheeley took over guitar and drums for Violent Storm. Some years later the band got a record deal and had just finished off their debut album on LP called Celtic Warrior. Everyone was very pleased with this recent accomplishment and were all looking forward to playing in Spain’s first international Rock Against Communism concert.

Violent Storm

On Saturday 14th March 1992, Cardiff band Violent Storm who were formed in 1986, were booked alongside Spanish band Division 250, No Remorse, and Battlezone to play for the NS Accion Radical in Spain. On the morning of the very unlucky Friday the 13th 1992, the lads from Violent Storm made their way along the M4 motorway to the airport near Bristol, the car they were travelling in suddenly went out of control and slid into a ditch. Paul Casey, Brian and Darren Sheeley and their friend Jason Oakes all were killed. Billy who was driving was the only survivor who staggered from the wreck.


Both British bands No Remorse and Battlezone assumed the lads had missed their plane and would arrive shortly. Upon arriving in Spain they discovered what had happened. After much thinking it was decided that the gig would go ahead and would become a tribute to Violent Storm. A three minute silence was observed and Blood & Honour supporters gathered at the gig from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Britain and Belgium raised their right arms and paid homage to our fallen brothers.

Violent Storm

Most of the national newspapers carried the story of the bands tragedy. Only 9 days after their deaths, the Wales On Sunday newspaper ran a report revealing the “real truth” about the “racist roots” of Violent Storm. It was no surprise to see the name of the virulently left-wing but now defunct organisation ‘Searchlight’ mentioned in their article as the source for their information. Whilst family and friends mourned the loss of four young lives, the Red scum under the cover of darkness daubed Violent Storm’s local pub with the words “FOUR DOWN ONE TO GO”. Which all happened before Paul Casey had even been laid to rest! The following month in April a benefit concert was organised in Leicestershire. With Skullhead, Squadron and Skrewdriver playing and a collection was made and well over a £1,000 (well over £2,000 in today’s money) was sent to the families of the fallen.

Press Report on Crash

Billy soon recovered from his injury’s and shortly after formed a new band. The new band was named Celtic Warrior, after the Violent Storm debut LP. Celtic warrior continued to keep the memories of Violent Storm alive by playing their songs in their set. This memorial is our time to remember the band and celebrate their lives and loss and raise some money to pass on to their families.

Celtic Warrior

A selection of flyers from past B & H Violent Storm concerts.