B & H Founding Statement

The following is the original 1987 founding statement:

Blood & Honour is:

  • an independent National Socialist movement supporting all active NS / Nationalist parties and groups in the White world.
  • a magazine promoting NS ideals, NS music, be it rock. Oi!, metal, etc.
  • a cog in a movement that has divisions in most countries.
  • a no compromising stand against all we consider corrupt.

Blood & Honour’s aims are:

  • To unite White youth.
  • To promote White Power and White Pride through positive ideals and a positive message.
  • To create units in every city and every town in every country.
  • To promote our culture and our traditions.
  • To help any worthy political organisation either financially or with manpower on the streets.
  • To win our nations back, once and for all.