See You In Valhalla – 23rd September 2016

Ian Stuart Donaldson Memorial Weekend

21st – 23rd September 2013

See You In Valhalla!

Ian Stuart and Stephen Flint (Boo) gave their lives for what they believed on 24/9/1993 and this date has become etched in the musical resistance and skinhead folklore around the world. Every year on the third weekend of September comrades from all over the white world have come together in Great Britain to honour the legend of Ian Stuart and his legacy. But also to pay their respects to the countless others who have given all in the defence of our people through the musical resistance network Blood and Honour.

2013 was the twentieth anniversary of Ian Stuarts passing and was witness to a concert of ground-breaking magnitude, in sheer size, organisational feats and success.

The 2013 Memorial Gig poster was extensively passed around and displayed by 28 Divisions, right wing political groups, RAC / Oi! supporters and their websites and in a mark of how highly regarded Ian Stuart is in the skinhead nation a couple of notable British based Trojan web sites and skinhead clothing stores.

The Venue

Friday Night

The Faithful


“To play such an iconic event was awe inspiring for me, to see people from all over the world gathering together to honour one man. I have never before seen or experienced such comradery. The honour of playing in front of some two thousand comrades united in one goal is something that will never leave me and hopefully push not just me but many others to fight even harder for folk faith and family. Hail 28!”

Section 88

“Playing the ISD this year for S88 was a great honour and was such an awesome show of strength to all the doubters and trash that oppose us. The atmosphere and brilliant turnout was a fitting tribute for our leader and his legacy.
The 20th ISD will be remembered for many years to come and hopefully push our scene and quest to new highs.
All the bands played well and the security and everyone else who helped organise did a tremendous job: 28, pure precision in action! Racial regards Section”

Redneck 28

“It was a true honour when we were asked to play at the ISD back in March and we have been looking forward to it ever since. Being the 20th Anniversary made it that bit more special.
With an atmosphere that was just electric from the moment we stepped on the stage you could feel the whole place was ready to party, a fitting tribute to Ian Stuart and all those who have given all for our us. We would like to thank everyone who against all the odds made this possible. 28 Cede Nullis.”

March or Die

“It was a real honour to be asked to play the ISD for the fifth time but especially as it was the twentieth anniversary and an even greater honour to be asked to headline.
We were received well by the massive crowd who were still going strong at three in the morning. Great when Griffin (Aryan) jumped up to sing with Brad (Blackout) RAC classics like the 4Skins Chaos and Combat 84s Rapist with literally hundreds upon hundreds singing along.
Our planned set went out the window and it was more of a party atmosphere on stage and the dance floor a fitting celebration for such a giant of a man. A night I will always remember for sure. We would like to thank everyone who watched us, thanks to all involved. The best ISD yet! 828!”


“When we were first asked to play at the 20th anniversary concert in memory of Ian Stuart Donaldson, as always it was an honour, we have played the event numerous times in the last 20 years, on this occasion it proved to be something different and marked a milestone in the history of our movement.
The fact that a record number of people attended was a testament to Ian’s legacy and the place he holds in the hearts of our people. From old to young and to people who I hadn’t seen for a long time and comrades from all over the globe turned up to pay respects and for myself on a personal note and also the rest of Nemesis who Ian influenced in the same way.
Ian struck a chord in my heart from the age of 13 and set me on a path which I still tread all these years later, his words and music gave me an understanding of the struggles we face and still face for the existence of our people and Nation, he will be remembered for eternity, long after our enemies are gone and we’ve got our country back. 828!”

Glory Days

When I was but a boy, a voice sang out to me
It sang about the world, the way its got to be
A voice so powerful, a message loud and clear
It warned me of the danger, to all that I held dear

Those glory days of long ago
Helped shape my thoughts awoke my soul
Three decades on and your still here and living on
In hearts and minds around the globe

I studied every word, you taught me how to play
This six-string axe, my weapon in this fray
For Blood & Honour, my path in life was clear
I was now on the road to fight for our ideals

Your destiny was forged, to inspire and to fight
But fate dealt its hand and stole away your life
The legacy you left, an army on the rise
White warriors of the world, the strong who will survive

It took me twenty years to write these lines to you
Cause I could never find the words to pay tribute
But really all I want to say to you
You left your mark on me and I’ll stay true


“The memory of this concert will live with us forever and we are pleased as a band that we were able to take part. Whitelaw would like to thank everyone who attended and everyone who took part in helping to organise and get involved in the operation of the concert. You made this possible against all odds. Hail Victory! 88.”

He Will Never Be Forgotten

A chilling reminder marks the place he died
A reminder for all who passes by
A marker to remind all Where a great man did fall
Young life stolen in his prime
Taken away before his time
One life with so much to give
His legacy will always live
Destined to leave us with his voice
Musical wisdom and lyrical choice
A vision of what was to come
Writings that will forever live on.


“With all the years I have been a Skrewdriver fan and the mark Ian Stuart has left on my life with his words and music, to say it was an honour to play this 20 year memorial would be an understatement. I was very overwhelmed by the whole event. I played my pipes for Ian at the crash site, then at the concert in front of over two thousand patriots who loved and cherished this great man.
To have the opportunity to be in the company of such great bands and bring my own style of RAC to the stage is something I will never forget for the rest of my days. Thanks to all involved you are second to none! Hail Ian Stuart, you will never be forgotten. 28.”


“It was a great honour for Blackout to play the ISD memorial concert and the years seem to have flown by since Ian’s sad and untimely death. This year’s 20th anniversary concert was a fitting tribute to a great man to whom we all owe so much, with comrades attending from Blood and Honour divisions worldwide creating an atmosphere of unity and friendship second to none, all there to pay their respects to our much-missed leader.
The organisation of this well-run event was fantastic and full praise must go to all who had a hand in this sad and emotional concert but also a great celebration of Ian’s life. As always, we offer our thanks for being asked to play. Rest in Peace Ian. Cede Nullis.”

Black September

Oh its that time of year again
When every waking moment is wracked with pain
Each day gets harder as they come
Yeah desolate days, without the sun
The hours pass me by as if they’re in slow motion
Each one a requiem, black, full of emotion
And a howling wind cries your name
Is there no release from this pain?
My tears like a river run oh!
When black September comes.
Laughter, yeah i think i can remember
No chance now come black September
Is it wrong if a grown man cries?
I cant hide my emotion just look into these eyes
Nothing can ever be the same again
Cant cleanse this soul, this black September rain
The bell tolls, high above Tolls twice, feel my love
Three times my soul’s uncovered
The fourth toll is for you my brother
Life gets harder as the empty years they pass
Every memorial I wish it was my last
This man struggles to conceal his pain cold tears run just like September rain
The next year passes by and another comes around Black September rain, the only sound.


“We are always amazed how despite the odds the organisers manage to pull the ISD off every year. No fights, unity always prevails, no problems with the police and so many good friends and comrades from so many different nations all assembled to pay tribute to Ian Stuart and the fallen. Whenever we return to Germany from England and tell everyone about the ISD with no fights, good beer, such fun and how good the organisation is they do not believe it, it is something all should try. Sleipnir remember all their gigs in the UK starting many years ago and from each gig come the same picture: good friends, hospitality and organisation: comrades united.
Sleipnir has become very popular over the last few years and we get many emails and offers from people with nothing to do with our movement, but we will never forget our roots.
This concert has shown that we are one and Ian Stuart will not be forgotten whatever lies the left wing comes out with, this concert was a massive victory and one we will not forget! Thanks for a great weekend and giving us the honour of playing. Thanks for the great hospitality. Thanks to all the supporters, security. Good work!
It is to us always such an honour to be a guest in England.”

Legion of St George

“To stand on the stage looking over such a massive crowd all in the celebration of Ian Stuart will be a memory that stays with us forever. We would like to thank everyone who shared this weekend with us and made it so special, the organisers, the bands and most importantly you! Hail Ian Stuart Donaldson, united we will win. Cede Nullis 28!”

We Will Not Be Stopped (ISD)

Helicopters buzzing overhead, police roadblocks bar entry to the event
Notting Hill Carnival or drug fuelled rave? No!
Just one thousand skinheads out to honour our slain
At the Ian Stuart Memorial; European sons honouring the lost
At the Ian Stuart Memorial; the bands played on, we will not be stopped!

Skinhead entry denied at ports and borders
Turned away for trying to attend a concert
A legal gathering that poses such a threat
Cause they cant stop Ian Stuart even in death

No ones ever died at one of our gigs
We don’t take drugs and we don’t touch kids
Look after our own and respect each other
A major crime in the eyes of big brother

Well were gonna pay respect to our lost brothers
Celebrate the birth of Blood and Honour
You can call the riot cops to put us down
But you will never silence the voice of the underground. 

Legittima Offesa

“We were so proud to be part of the line-up of such a meaningful event, it was great to see so many people there and have the honour to play for them and at the same time pay homage to Ian Stuart on the 20th anniversary of his untimely death.
We’ve been around for quite a while and played all sorts of places all over Europe, but that night we felt something unique. Thanks for the Blood and Honour.”


The Legend Lives On

I remember the days, when I was a teen
Someone came along and he changed the scene
A brand-new style from a heroic voice
A style of music that gave us a choice

Strikeforce, Warlord, Eyes Full of Rage
White Rider, Soar Aloft as Life Bleeds Away
We were Built Up, Knocked Down
Ian Stuart lives on in our hearts and souls
White Power and Street Fight sing the Warriors Song
The legend lives on

We salute the man who never gave in
His spirit still alive in the songs we sing
We owe load of thanks to the man who changed our lives
From thousands of young skinheads full of white pride. 

Gesta Bellica

“The twentieth ISD: pride, sadness and honour! Pride for being allowed to play with so many bands and comrades from all over Europe. Sadness for the loss of our leader, even after all these years.
Honour for having met and known Ian Stuart and continuing his quest by trying to follow his example!
Thank you for “the festival of life” Grazie.”

Brutal Attack

Always Near (For Ian)

Now I stand alone I hear the wind in the trees
And as I listen I hear your voice on the breeze
Saying “don’t you fall along the path we chose”
Remember everyone who comes eventually must go

This loss I feel is oh so great
The death of my brother is so very hard to take
Remembering good times oh so crystal clear
And now I know your strength is always near

Now some say absence makes the heart grow fonder
But sometimes I just sit down here crying and wonder
Why life’s so unfair and the good die oh so young
And no-one can tell me why I wasn’t the one

Your memory will never be allowed to fade
We will continue the struggle on which your life was made
I don’t know all the answers but I will stand up true
In all my actions Ian I will think on you

Now please watch over me and guide my hand
So I do what is right while I fight for our land
Steer me safe along the path that’s destiny
To the ultimate goal and we are finally free 

Los Confederados

“It was a pleasure and honour to have the chance of playing such an important and meaningful event as the twentieth ISD!
Playing a rockabilly tribute to the late great Ian Stuart and following in his footsteps in the form of the Klansmen and to be so well received by an RAC crowd.
Great atmosphere, lot of people and all the other bands were amazing. Thanks to all at 28 for such a great time! Jess Wade”



We live in changing times
When certain thoughts are now a crime
Power flows through an evil pen
And freedom’s light is growing dim

The people who’ve stood against us
They seem to be above the law
With the power to listen into private moments in our lives
And the power to come kick down your door

Our strength has come from ideals many years’ old
A strength that has survived within our blood
A strength our foe has recognised, and sworn to drag it down
He wants to drag our people through the mud

One day if suddenly, I’m forced to take my leave
Will you still carry on, with the things that we believe?
One day if suddenly, they take my life away
Will you still be fighting to win a bright new day?