Ian Stuart Interview – B & H Magazine Issue 10 (1990)

As the tenth issue of B & H find its way into your eager hands, we are proud to speak to Ian Stuart, the lead singer of the longest-serving White Pride band Skrewdriver. Ian also founded B & H and though he has passed the paper into other hands now, he continues to spread White Pride and patriotism amongst the White music fans throughout the world.

B & H: Ian, after being involved in the struggle for nearly 12 years, have things improved for Racial Nationalism?

Ian S: Well I think there have been obvious gains in certain countries. Look at France and Germany and the beginnings of the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. Most of Europe seems to be doing quite well as regards to anti-Marxist movements. The only two nations who are being left behind are U.S.A. and Britain. The reason for this as far as I am concerned is the complete control of the media by the Zionists. Also the legal system of this country is also more or less completely run by Zionists. The control of the media is an extremely powerful means with which, a large percentage of the people are force-fed exactly what the Zionists want to tell them.

B & H: Do you presently support any political party?

Ian S: At the moment we are trying to get as many people as possible from all the parties working together. At socials we invite people from the NF, the BNP, the Klan, the League of St.George and everybody socialises and gets on. This as far as we are concerned bodes well for the future.

B & H: We’ve had reports that you and several other bands have recently been threatened by certain so-called right-wingers.

Ian S: We did have a certain ex-Party, that used to exist a few years ago trying to pressure us into becoming part of their extremely little organisation. They also tried to gain access to our subscription lists. They were treated with the contempt they deserved and shown the door. No one gets to see our lists, and as it happens, that was quite lucky because these particular people’s old membership lists have begun to appear in left-wing rags. So much for their pathetic security. As far as I’m concerned people who model themselves on passed-it gangsters have nothing in common with people who are trying to forward the White cause.

B & H: Now that you have released your second solo LP “Slay the Beast”, will you be carrying on with Skrewdriver?

Ian S: Certainly. There was never any intention of giving up Skrewdriver. The thing is that I write so much material that it is a way of getting songs onto Vinyl rather than just forgetting about them. At present I have nearly completed the material for the next Skrewdriver LP which should be out by summer. At present I think it should be called “The Strong Survive”. I’d say it was a little faster than the “Warlord” LP.

B & H: Are you ever bothered when the Left or State Agents such as Searchlight or Harrington slander you in their publications?

Ian S: Not really, Harrington is finished now that its come to light who he was working with. Searchlight is now going so over the top that its become more like a work of fantasy rather than a political journal. As an example, a recent Searchlight accused me of being an arms dealer, a drug peddler, an acid house party organiser, a child pornographer, plus, conspiring to murder Patrick Harrington. That was all in one issue as well. It is funny though, how people such as Gerry Gable are allowed to publish all these figments of their tormented imaginations, without fear of prosecution from the press control people. On the other hand when you discover the people who run the press and its control boards it’s not so funny after all.

B & H: What have been the most memorable events of 1989 for you?

Ian S: The coming down of the Berlin Wall and the inevitable reunification of the German people. I have many good comrades and friends in Germany and I am happy for them and congratulate them in their hour of victory. Also the crumbling of Marxism in Eastern Europe has been great to watch as Karl Marx’s perverted doctrines have been toppled by national pride.

B & H: Anything else to add ?

Ian S: Thanks to everyone who has stuck by me and the band over the last 12 years. Keep on working for our great cause and one day we shall grasp victory. Keep strong. We will win.