Skrewdriver Interview – B & H Magazine Issue 1 (1987)

1. There have been one or two line-up changes in Skrewdriver recently, what is the band’s latest line-up?

The band’s line-up is now – Vocals & Guitar – Ian Stuart, Guitar – Martin Cross, Bass – Merv Shields, Drums – John Burnley

2. Eighteen months have now passed since Skrewdriver’s last record release, Blood And Honour. What plans are there for new releases in the near future?

We are presently in the studios recording the White Rider L.P, and we’re hoping to have that out by October. We think that that there may also be a new compilation L.P. for Rock-o-Rama, and maybe a Skrewdriver E.P. on a new Nationalist record label.

3. Will the White Rider L.P. signal any changes in musical direction for the group. In what ways, if any, will it differ from Blood And Honour?

White Rider will be a hard rock L.P. in the same vein as Blood And Honour, but obviously we hope that people will consider it to be an improvement because it is every band’s intention to improve as time goes by.

4. Is the outspoken political message conveyed in your previous records to be continued with White Rider?

Our political message will be the same, and will concentrate on the racial warrior ideal and centre on pride, honour, honesty and loyalty. We feel that these virtues are very important as recently we have come across certain people who consider themselves to be political soldiers who wouldn’t recognise honesty or loyalty if they came and belted them in the mouth.

5. Do you feel that Skrewdriver have an important role to play in the struggle for Nationalism in Britain?

Not so much in a one-party political role because as you know we have now left the NF. However we will of course be working with Nationalists of any party if we consider them to be trustworthy. We do put a political message over at our concerts and anybody who picks up on that message should make up their own minds as to which Nationalist party they join.

6. Although we have just mentioned the struggle for Nationalism in Britain, to what extent are Skrewdriver supported by Nationalists in other countries?

We have a lot of support from Nationalist parties all over the White world. That’s all I’m worried about because unlike certain weirdo’s involved in Nationalist circles, I do not consider Black to be beautiful.

7. In which countries, other than Britain, do Skrewdriver enjoy most support?

Probably Sweden, Germany, Holland and now we seem to be having a lot of comeback from the United States. We also get good support from Norway, Belgium, France, Italy, Finland, Canada, Hungary, Poland, South Africa, Austria, Bavaria and Australia.

8. We have discussed future plans regarding record releases, but what plans are there for live appearances in the near future?

There should be a big concert to launch the Blood And Honour paper, with us, Brutal Attack, No Remorse and Sudden Impact in early September. Also there should be one on the south coast later that month.

9. Finally, how healthy do you feel the skinhead movement is at the moment and are you confident about the future?

The skinhead movement is always experiencing ups and downs but the signs at the moment seem very healthy, and I hope it stays that way.