Unjustly sentenced to a twelve month prison sentence for successfully defending himself against a foreign gang, Ian Stuart Donaldson was suppose to succumb and bow down to the State, his time in HMP Wormwood Scrubs, a harsh lesson that to criticise the system in an organised fashion would not be tolerated.

Rather than kneel to his oppressors Ian fought back in the only way he could. Spending his time writing new musical material and a mythical tale about the trials and tribulations of an invaded land; Valeria.

While incarcerated his writings were in popular demand being passed around the inmates of Wormwood Scrubs and through these inmates Ian’s “book” became a thing of skinhead folklore.

On Ian’s release he packed his writings away and stated he didn’t want them published, only sharing with a select few, through which the book grew into an urban legend. At a national 28 meeting it was agreed Ian’s book was too important to be forgotten and after consulting members of Ian’s family and those closest to him, it was unanimously decided to release Ian’s writings.

On the twentieth anniversary of Ian’s passing (2013), Invasion was released. The book was taken word for word from standard prison note paper and printed for all to enjoy and realise how far sighted our fallen leader was.

“A once tranquil, thriving nation willingly took in what it believed were innocent travellers, bestowing upon them their Valerian hospitality, only to find they had been duped by a devious invader intent on taking their lands and destroying all they held dear.”

What will you do? It’s time to fight or die; the choice is yours!