Ian Stuart & Rough Justice

1992 – EP Justice For The Cottbus Six – (Rock-O-Rama RRR 124)


Reissued on CD RCD 167 – Can’t Spare You The Time, Pressure, Early Warning Sign, Having A Good Time, Don’t Try It, Justice For The Cottbus Six.

The original cover was supposed to be a photo of Ian standing with the masked band. This cover was banned as it was “too subversive”. This mini-LP was done as a tribute to members and friends of the band Skrewdriver who were being held in Germany for a crime they did not commit. They were eventually released on bail and charges were dropped after about 2 years of show trials.

Rock-O-Rama Records – RCD 167 Ian Stuart and Rough Justice – Justice for the Cottbus Six – 1992 MCD