Ian Stuart & Strikeforce

1989 – 7″ It’s A Hard Road(AC/DC)/The Wheel Goes Round – (Street Rock’N’Roll – SR 21)

Both songs from the No Turning Back LP

1989 – 7″ No Turning Back/Behind Blue Eyes(The Who) – (Street Rock’N’Roll – SR 22)

Both songs from the No Turning Back LP

1990 – LP Slay The Beast – (Rock-O-Rama – RRR 90)


Slay The Beast, Radar Love(Golden Earring), Fantasy, Long Time Gone, Long Memories, Sympathy For The Devil(Rolling Stones), Freedom Hunters, By The Wayside, Ride The Wind, Sacred Road, Wall Of Tears(Tear It Down). CD release of RRR 90 in Rock-O-Rama Records – RCD 112 1990

Vocals – Ian Stuart, Guitar and Bass by Ross the Boss, Drums by Lenny F, Piano – The Big O

1990 – 7″ Radar Love(Golden Earring)/Long Memory – (Street Rock’N’Roll – SR-040)

Both songs from the Slay the Beast LP

1991 – LP Patriot – (Rock-O-Rama – RRR 113)


CD reissued 1991 RCD 144Patriot.

When The Lies Begin To Crumble, Living On Borrowed Time, Phoenix Arising, Stand Up, Ship Of Destiny, Calm Before The Storm, Sooner Or Later, Fight The Poison, Paint It Black(Rolling Stones), Down In The City.