Ian Stuart & The Klansmen

1989 – 12″ Johnny Joined The Klan/Napalm In The Morning/Arkansas Air – (Klan Records – Klan 1T)


First release from Ian Stuart’s southern rock/rockabilly band. Features members of Demented Are Go though they now deny involvement. Jeb Stuart (aka Ian Stuart) – vocals, Bones – Guitar, Jed Clampett – bass, J.B. Forrest – drums

1989 – LP Fetch The Rope – (Klan Records – Klan 6)


Reich ‘n’ Roll, Son Of Dixie, Fetch The Rope, Outlaws, Southern Boy, Stand Up & Be Counted (White Trash and Dixie), Gooks Ears, White Trash, Faith, Hope, & Charity, Dixie (instrumental).

CD re-release of KLAN 6 and KLAN 1 T as Rock-O-Rama Records – RCD 128 – 1991

klansmen-rope-front       klansmen-rope-back

1989 – 7″ Reich’N’Roll/Napalm In The Morning – (Street Rock’N’Roll – SR-005)

A-side from the Fetch the Rope LP, B-side from the Johnny Joined the Klan 12″

1989 – LP Rebel With A Cause – (Klan Records – Klan 7)

Reissued on CD in 1991 RCD 141 with two extra tracks of Southern Belle, Gone With The Breeze.Rebel With A Cause, It’s Good To Be Back Home, Still Burning, The Betrayed, Pulling The Wool, Join The Klan, Whiskey Rock’N’Roller (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Bad News, The Land Is Ours, All Robbed Up(inst.).

klansmen-rebelfront       klansmen-rebel-back

1990 – 7″ Rebel With A Cause/Gone With The Breeze – (Street Rock’N’Roll – SR-030)

A-Side from the Rebel With a Cause LP, B-side is previously unreleased, later released on the CD version of the album.

1990 – 7″ Join The Klan/Still Burning Street – (Rock’N’Roll – SR-031)

Both tracks from the Rebel With a Cause LP

1991 – LP Rock & Roll Patriots – (Klan Records – Klan 8)

Reissued on CD RCD 157 1991 Klansmen Song, 66 (Troupe), Get It Right, Better Days, Freedom(What Freedom), Rock’N’Roll Patriots, Coming Up To Midnight, Drinking On Your Own, Motorway Daze, The Devils Right Hand(Steve Earle).

klanrnrpatriot-front       klanrnrpatriot-back