1977-1983 – The Complete Studio Collection – (Victory Records – SCD 02) CD


Where’s It Gonna End, Government Action, Backstreet Kids, Gotta Be Young, I Don’t Need Your Love, I Don’t Like You, Antisocial, (Too Much) Confusion, 9 Till 5, Jailbait, We Don’t Pose, The Only One, Won’t Get Fooled Again, You’re So Dumb, Better Off Crazy, 19th Nervous Breakdown, Streetfight, Unbeliever, Built Up Knock Down, A Case Of Pride, Breakout, Antisocial, Boots & Braces, Back With A Bang, I Don’t Like You, White Power, Smash The I.R.A., Shove The Dove, When The Boat Comes In(demo), Voice Of Britain(demo), Sick Society(demo)

1998 – HISTORY-VOLUME 1 – (Mid Records / ROR – MICD-1)

Hail The New Dawn (Live-1991), Our Pride Is Our Loyalty, Their Kingdom Will Fall, White Rider, Where Has Justice Gone, Nine To Five, Land Of Ice (Live-1991), Tomorrow Belongs To Me, Don’t Be Too Late, Built Up Knock Down (1987), Johnny Join The Klan (Live-1991), One Fine Day, The Snow Fell, Flying The Flag, The Evil Crept In, Back With A Bang (Live-1991), Searching, Power From Profit, Simple Man, I Know What I Want.

 1998 – HISTORY-VOLUME 2 – (Mid Records -MICD-2)

You’re So Dumb, Mother Europe’s Son/What Price Freedom, Strong Survive, White Noise, Government Action, Streetfight (Live-1991), I Don’t Like You, We Don’t Pose, This Feeling, Stand Proud, In The Wasteland, House Of Treason, Backstabber (Live-1991), Unbeliever, Antisocial, This Little Piggy, Warzone, Don’t Need Your Love, Night Trains.

 1998 – HISTORY-VOLUME 3 – (Mid Records – MIDCD-4)

After The Fire, Back With A Bang, Breakout, Justice, Win Or Die, Retaliate, Europe Awake (Live-1991), A Case Of Pride, Built Up Knock Down (1979), Sweet Home Alabama (Live-1991), Vampire, Mother Europe, Streetfight (1977), Better Off Crazy, Soldier Of Freedom, Skrew You, European Battle Song, Warlord, Fools No More, Green Fields Of France.

 1998 – HISTORY VOLUME 4 – (Mid Records – MICD-5)

Renegade, The Only One, Free My Land (Live-1991), Thunder In The Cities, Strikeforce, Before The Night Falls, Europe Awake, Pennies From Heaven, Backstabber, Return To Camelot, Warlord, Excalibur, Sick Society, Tearing Down The Wall, Shove The Dove, Needle Man, Poland, The Way It’s Got To Be, Hail Victory, Time To Die.

 1998 – HISTORY VOLUME 5 – (Mid Records – MICD-6)

Boots & Braces, On the Streets, Out in the Cold, Suddenly, Behind the Bars, I Can See the Fire, Dont Let Them Pull You Down, Voice of Evil, Shining Down, Stand Proud (live), Back With a Bang (live), Johnny Joined the Klan (live), Backstreet Kids, We Fight for Freedom, When the Storm Breaks, This Feeling, Blood of the Kings, God of Thunder, Soar Aloft, Old Albion.

 1999 – HISTORY VOLUME’s 6, 7, 8, 9 (Mid Records / ROR)



It’s A Hard Road, Back In Black, Paranoid, United, 19th Nervous Breakdown, Paint It Black, Jumping Jack Flash, Sympathy For The Devil, Johnny Join The Klan, Devil’s Right Hand, Route 66, Won’t Get Fooled Again, Behind Blue Eyes, Radar Love, One In A Million, We Can’t Be Beaten, Tuesday’s Gone, Whiskey Rock ‘N’ Roller, Sweet Home Alabama, Simple Man, In The Ghetto.


DISC # 1: You’re So Dumb, Better Off Crazy, Antisocial, 19th Nervous Breakdown, Streetfight ’77, Unbeliever, Built Up Knock Down, A Case Of Pride, Breakout, Back With A Bang, I Don’t Like You, White Power, Smash The I.R.A., Shove The Dove, Voice Of Britain, Sick Society.

DISC # 2: When The Boat Comes In, Invasion, On The Streets, After The Fire, Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Land Of Ice, Retaliate, Their Kingdom Will Fall, Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd), The Evil Crept In, Glory, The Showdown, Deep Inside, Stand Proud, Backstabber, Warzone, Shining Down.


DISC # 1: Johnny Joined The Klan/Napalm In The Morning/Arkansas Air/White Power/Tomorrow Belongs To Me/Reich’N’Roll/Son Of Dixie/Fetch The Rope/Outlaws/Southern Boy/Stand Up Be Counted/Gooks Ears/White Trash/Faith, Hope, Charity/Dixie/Rebel With A Cause/It’s Good To Be Back Home/Still Burning/The Betrayed/Pulling The Wool/Gone With The Breeze/The Devil’s Right Hand.

DISC # 2: Join The Klan/ Whiskey Rock’N’Roller(Lynyrd Skynyrd)/Bad News/The Land Is Ours/All Robbed Up/Southern Belle/What Happened/The Men Who Fly The Flag/Klansmen Song/Route 66(Troupe)/Get It Right/Better Days/Freedom (What Freedom)/Rock’N’Roll Patriots/Coming Up To Midnight/Drinking On Your Own/Motorway Daze/Gone With The Breeze(Ballads version)/The Land Is Ours(Ballads version)/The Devil’s Right Hand(Live)/Gone With The Breeze(Live)/Johnny Joined The Klan(Live).

1991 – GERMAN BRITISH FRIENDSHIP – (Skrewdriver & Noie Werte) – (Laser Sounds Records – B0910901-1)

Als Der Schnee Fiel (The Snow Fell)/German British Friendship/European Unity. credited to: Steffen (Noie Werte) – vocals, Stigger (Skrewdriver)- Guitars, Bass, Jon (Skrewdriver) – drums



Free My Land, Hail The New Dawn, Land Of Ice, White Warriors, When The Boat Comes In, White Power, Voice Of Britain, European Dream, After The Fire, Blood & Honour, When The Storm Breaks, 46 Years, Race & Nation, Thunder In The Cities, Eyes Full Of Rage, Strikeforce, White Rider, Back With A Bang, Boots & Braces, Red Flags Are Burning, Suddenly.

1977 – LIVE AT THE MARQUEE – LONDON – (bootleg cassette and CD reissue)


Antisocial, Something’s Got To Change, Pushover, Back Street Kids, Unbeliever, 9 Till 5, Hey Man, Jailbait, I Don’t Need Your Love, Better Off Crazy, Gotta Be Young, Government Action, Won’t Get Fooled Again. Youre So Dumb and I Dont Like You appear on the CD reissue.

Ian Stuart – Vocals, Phil Warmsley – Guitar, Kev McKay – Bass, Johnny Grinton – Drums.

2000 – Skrewdriver Rockumentary 1977 – 1993 : From Punk to Patriotism. (Midgard Sweden – MIDCD016).


The Story of the World’s Greatest Street Rock Band narrated by Paul Burnley. Featuring rare and exclusive interviews.