Skrewdriver Discography

1977 – 7″ You’re So Dumb / Better Off Crazy – Chiswick S-11 (15 June 1977)

Issued with three different sleeve designs, orange, green with a screw and a nut and light green with just the head of a screw.

 1977 – All Skrewed Up – Chiswick LP

Where’s It Gonna End, Government Action, Backstreet Kids, Gotta Be Young, I Don’t Need Your Love, I Don’t Like You, (Too Much) Confusion, 9 Till 5, Jailbait, We Don’t Pose The Only One, Won’t Get Fooled Again (The Who).


Issued as 45 RPM in 4 different sleeve colours of yellow, green, orange and pink. The yellow and green LP’s are labelled CH3 and the orange and pink have the label number WIK 3. All 4 colours have the number CH3 on the back cover and on the side cover. Issued in Germany with yellow sleeve on Chiswick/Metronome 0067.057 with two extra tracks of Streetfight and Unbeliever. Later reissued as The Early Years on 2 LP’s on Ian Records – Volume 1 has 10 tracks and Volume 2 has 8 tracks & The Early Years CD Rock-O-Rama – RCD 155 – 1991 with 18 tracks.

1979 – 7″ Build Up Knock Down/Case Of Pride/Breakout – (TJM-4 EP)1977 – 7″ Antisocial/Breakdown (Rolling Stones) – Chiswick label S-18 (8.10.1977)

1982 – 12″ Back With A Bang/I Don’t like You – (Boots & Braces – SKREW T 1)

1983 – 7″ White Power/Smash The I.R.A./Shove The Dove – (White Noise – WN1)


Ian Stuart – vocals, Frenchie – bass, Lester – guitar, Mark – drums, Joe Pearce – backing vocals.

1984 – 7″ Voice Of Britain/Sick Society – (White Noise – WN2)

Ian Stuart – vocals, Frenchie – bass, Lester – guitar, Geoff – drums.

1984 – 7″ Invasion/On The Streets – (Rock-O-Rama – RRR 47)


1984 – LP Hail The New Dawn – (Rock-O-Rama – RRR 46)

Was later re-released in a generic Street Rock`N`Roll sleeve, center label was still the RRR 47 label but with a small hole instead of the large hole the original version has.


Also reissued on CD 1990 with the bonus tracks of Tearing Down the Wall and Don’t Let Them Pull You Down from the No Surrender Volume 1 compilation.Hail The New Dawn, Our Pride Is Our Loyalty, Before The Night Falls, Justice, Race & Nation, Flying The Flag, If There’s A Riot, Tomorrow Belongs To Me, Europe Awake, Soldier Of Freedom, Skrew You, Pennies From Heaven, Power From Profit, Free My Land.

cd-hail-the-new-dawn-front    cd-hail-the-new-dawn-back

Ian Stuart – vocals, Adam Douglas – guitar, Murray Holmes – bass, Mark Sutherland – drums

Engineered and produced by Mark Sutherland. All songs by Ian Stuart except Justice by Nicky Crane & Ian Stuart, and Race & Nation by Matt Morgan and Ian Stuart. Vinyl centre labels may have no country listed on them, later ones have Made in W.Germany or Made in Belgium on them and also on the back of the sleeve.

The CD re-release of RRR 46 plus two songs from RRR 52 of 15. Dont Let Them Pull You Down and 16. Tearing Down The Wall.

Bootlegs exist. This CD is no longer in production by Rock-O-Rama due to the song “Race & Nation”. In 2005, ROR released the remaining songs from this CD on a series of 4 vinyl EPs. All the current editions being sold are probably bootlegs.

1985 – LP Blood & Honour – (Rock-O-Rama – RRR 53)


The CD re-release of RRR 53 plus two songs from RRR 59. CD reissue has the same tracks as the vinyl release with two bonus tracks of 15. Streetfight (1986) and16. Friday night.Blood & Honour, Mr. Nine To Five, Don’t Be Too Late, When The Storm Brakes, Prisoner Of Peace, Poland, Tomorrow Is Always Too Late, The Way It’s Got To Be, The Jewel In The Sea, One Fine Day, Searching, Needle Man, Open Up Your Eyes, I Know What I Want.

No longer in production, the legal songs have been released under another title. Any “new” CDs you see of this title are probably bootlegs.


Ian Stuart – vocals, Mark Sutherland – drums, Adam Douglas and Paul Swain – guitar, Steve A – bass

1987 – 12″ / LP Boots & Braces – (Rock-O-Rama – RRR 67)


Tracks 1 and 2 are from the Back With a Bang 12″ (1982), tracks 3, 4 & 5 are from the Built Up Knocked Down 7″ (1979), track 6 from the first No Surrender compilation (RRR52 1985) and tracks 7 & 8 from the United Skins compilation (1982).Build Up Knock Down, Case Of Pride, Breakout, Back With A Bang, I Don’t like You, Tearing Down The Wall, Boots & Braces and Antisocial (new version from the United Skins compilation).

1987 – 12″/LP Voice Of Britain – (White Power Records – WP 3)


Tracks 1, 2, and 3 are from the White Power single (White Noise 1983), tracks 4 and 5 are from the Voice of Britain single (White Noise, 1983). 6 and 7 are from the Invasion single (RRR47, 1984) and track 8 is from This Is White Noise EP (White Noise 1984).White Power, Smash the I.R.A., Shove the Dove, Voice of Britain, Sick Society, Invasion, On the Streets, When the Boat Comes In.

Ian Stuart – vocals, Frenchie – bass, Murray Holmes, Geoff – drums, Mark Sutherland, Lester – guitar, Adam Douglas.

1987 – LP We’ve Got The Power (Live ’87) – (Viking Records VIK 1)

White Power, Streetfight, Europe Awake, Voice Of Britain, Built Up Knock Down, Strikeforce, Blood & Honour, I Don’t Like You, Our Pride Is Our Loyalty, Boots & Braces, Free My Land, Back With A Bang.


Reissued on CD with bonus live and demo tracks Government Action (live 87), When The Boat Comes In (live 87), Smash The I.R.A (live 87), Hail The New Dawn (demo 83), Race & Nation (demo 83), Pennies From Heaven (demo 83), When The Boat Comes In (demo 83), Europe Awake (demo 83), Voice Of Britain (demo 83), Sick Society (demo 83), Tomorrow Belongs To Me (demo 83), When The Boat Comes In (studio) – VIK CD 001

1987 – LP White Rider – (Rock-O-Rama – RRR 66)


Ian Stuart wrote many of the songs while serving time in jail. Early copies came with single sheet insert, later replaced by printed sleeve.White Rider, Where Has Justice Gone, Strikeforce, Behind The Bars, Pride Of A Nation, New Nation, The Snow Fell, I Can See The Fire, Thunder In The Cities, We Fight For Freedom, White Warriors, Built Up Knock Down (1987).

CD re-release of RRR 66. Bootleg copies have RRR 66 on the back cover image from the LP where the official CD does not show this.

cd-white-rider_front           cd-white_rider_back

Ian Stuart – vocals, Merv Shields – Bass, Mark Sutherland – Drums, Guitar – Martin Cross

1988 – LP After The Fire – (Rock-O-Rama – RRR 75)


CD re-release of RRR 75 as Rock-O-Rama Records – RCD 137After The Fire, Mean Streets, Win Or Die, Land Of Ice, Eyes Full Of Rage, As Life Bleeds Away, Forty Six Years, European Dream, Retaliate, A Time Of Change, Sweet Home Alabama(Lynyrd Skynyrd), Green Fields Of France.

cd-afterthefire-front             cd-afterthefire-back

Ian Stuart – vocals, Martin Cross, Ross McGarry – guitars, Merv Shields – bass, John Burnley (Paul Burnley of No Remorse’s brother) – drums

1988 – 7″ After The Fire/Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd) – (Street Rock’N’Roll – SR01)

Both tracks from the After the Fire LP.

Ian Stuart – vocals, Martin Cross, Ross McGarry – guitars, Merv Shields – bass, John Burnley – drums.

1989 – 7″ Land Of Ice/Retaliate – (Street Rock’N’Roll – SR-019)

Both songs from the After the Fire LP

1989 – 7″ Their Kingdom Will Fall/Simple Man(Lynyrd Skynyrd) – (Street Rock’N’Roll – SR-027).

 Both songs from the Warlord LP

1989 – 7″ The Evil Crept In/Glory – (Street Rock’N’Roll – SR-028).

 Both songs from the Warlord LP

1989 – 7″ The Showdown/Deep Inside – (White Pride Records – SRT 9KS)

1989 – LP Warlord – (Rock-O-Rama – RRR 85)


CD release of RRR 85. The first Skrewdriver album to be officially released on CD. The official ROR version of this CD is burned on a black disc with the white background label.Warlord, One In A Million II, Out In The Cold, Their Kingdom Will Fall, The Evil Crept In, Simple Man(Lynyrd Skynyrd), Soar Aloft, Back In Black(AC/DC), Glory, Excalibur, The Warrior Song, Suddenly.

 cd-warlord-front           cd-warlord-back

Vocals – Ian Stuart, Guitar – Mac, Bass – Merv Shields, Drums – John Burnley, Backing vocals – Ken McLellan, Paul Burnley, Melvis the Pelvis

1990 – LP The Strong Survive – (Rock-O-Rama – RRR 103)


In the Wasteland is missing from the LP even though listed on the cover. But the CD reissue RCD 132 (1991) does have this track. Because of this error only about 1000 copies of the LP were pressed. RCD 132 CD – 1991 CD release of RRR 103.The Strong Survive, Voice Of Evil, From The Land, In The Wastland, Stand Proud, Paranoid (Black Sabbath), Hail & Thunder, Backstabber, United (Judas Priest), Warzone, Shining Down, Mist On The Downs.

cd-strongsurvive_front       cd-strongsurvive-back

Ian Stuart – vocals, Stigger – guitar, Jon Hickson – bass, John Burnley – drums

1990 – 7″ You’re So Dumb/The Only One – (Street Rock’N’Roll – SR-038).

 Both songs from the Early Years 1 LP

 1990 – 7″ Streetfight (1977)/Where’s It Gonna End – (Street Rock’N’Roll – SR-039).

 Both songs from the Early Years 2 LP

1990 – 7″ Stand Proud/Backstabber – (Street Rock’N’Roll – SR-052).

Both songs from the Strong Survive LP

1990 – 7″ Warzone/Shining Down – (Street Rock’N’Roll – SR-053).

 Both songs from the Strong Survive LP

 1990 – Boots and Braces / Voice of Britain – (Rock-O-Rama Records – RCD 106)

 skrew-bnb-v-front          skrew-bnb-v-back

Back With a Bang, I Don’t Like You, Built Up Knocked Down, A Case of Pride, Breakout, Tearing Down the Wall, Boots and Braces, Antisocial, White Power, Smash the I.R.A., Shove the Dove, Sick Society, Voice of Britain, On the Streets, Invasion.

CD re-release of RRR 67 and WP 3. Bootlegs don’t show the marbled pattern in the background like the LP cover of Boots and Braces does. CD re-release of RRR 67 and WP 3 minus one song.

Bootlegs exist! The current official ROR version is burned on a black disc with a white background label. On the original ROR version, you can see a little bit of the marbled background that was on the LP cover. The current ROR version no longer has the Voice of Britain cover on the traycard, it now uses an altered version of the back of the original front-card with the track listing. Some bootlegs show the wrong year on the disc.

 1990 – Early Years Volume 1 LP – (Ian Records – IAN 001)

You’re So Dumb, Government Action, I Don’t Like You, We Don’t Pose, Don’t Need Your, Love, Antisocial, Jailbait, The Only One, Gotta Be Young, Confusion.

Volume One of the ROR re-release of all of the 1977-1978 Skrewdriver material

1990 – Early Years Volume 2 LP – (Ian Records – IAN 002)


Volume Two of the ROR re-release of all of the 1977-1978 Skrewdriver material Streetfight (1977), Better Off Crazy, Breakdown, Where It’s Gonna End, Won’t Get Fooled Again, Unbeliever, 9 Till 5, Backstreet Kids.

1991 Also re-issued on CD as Skrewdriver – The Early Years – Rock-O-Rama Records RCD 155 CD re-release of IAN 001 and IAN 002

1991 – LP Live & Kicking (double live album) – (Rock-O-Rama – RRR 109)


Hail The New Dawn, Strikeforce, Europe Awake, The Showdown, Stand Proud, Land Of Ice, Paranoid, Back With A Bang, Streetfight, Johnny Joined The Klan, The Snow Fell, 46 Years, Backstabber, Sweet Home Alabama, Tomorrow Belongs To Me, Glory, Red Flags Are Burning, Blood & Honour, Free My Land, Smash The I.R.A., White Power, Hail The New Dawn.

Reissued on CD in 1991 RCD 147

cd-livekicking-front    cd-livekicking-back

 Stuart, Stigger, Hickson, and Burnley

1992 – LP Freedom What Freedom – (Rock-O-Rama – RRR 121)


Ian Stuart – vocals, Stigger – guitar, Jon Hickson – bass, Johnny B – drums Intro-Mother Europe’s Son, What Price Freedom, This Little Piggy, This Feeling, Blood Of The Kings, One-Land, Stolz, Return To Camelot, (Oh No) Here Comes A Commie, When The North Wind Blows, God Of Thunder, Road To Valhalla.

On the record label the title track is What Price Freedom, this was released while most members of the band were being held in custody in Germany for a crime they did not commit. Reissued on CD as RCD 164

  cd-freedomwhatfreedom_front    cd-freedomwhatfreedom_back

1994 – CD Hail Victory – (ISD Records – ISD 01)

 cd-hail-victory-front         cd-hail-victory_inlay-front


Intro & Hail victory, Vampire, White noise, House of treason, Mother Europe, Old Albion, European battle song, We march to glory, Renegade, Fools no more, Time to die, Night trains.

 Guitar – Stigger, Vocals – Ian Stuart, Drums – Mushy, Bass – Jon H

Backing vocals by the Pintpot Patriot Choir, Sir Rob the Fertile and Sir Robert Fireylocks.

 The last album of original Skrewdriver material, as Ian Stuart died in an automobile accident the previous year. This album has seen several different forms, the first was this particular issue, which was released by Rock-O-Rama under the ICD catalog numbering. This edition does not give an imprint name, but the LP version of one of the following releases on this imprint (ICD-03) says “ISD Records” on the center labels. However, there is another label called ISD Records, which is run by C18/Blood & Honour/ISD, and it also released this CD. The album cover is a different painting of the same scene. The main difference on the back cover is that the ROR version thanks Herbert, while the C18/B&H/ISD version isn’t quite as kind to Herbert.

 This One’s For The Skinheads (Live 23 April 1987 Halesworth) – (MSR Productions – MSR CD 236)

White Power, Hail The New Dawn, Government Action, Europe Awake, Streetfight, Built Up Knock Down, Boots & Braces, Back With A Bang, Blood & Honour, Strikeforce, Our Pride Is Our Loyalty, Voice Of Britain,, When The Boat Comes In, Smash The I.R.A., Tomorrow Belongs To Me, Free My Land, I Don’t Like You, White Power.

1998 – Last Gig in Germany (10th July 1993) – Bootleg CD


Voice of Britain, Tomorrow Belongs to Me, Europe Awake, Our Pride is Our Loyalty, Blood and Honour, Strike Force, Hail the New Dawn, Back with a Bang, Johnny, 46 Years, Free My Land, Snow Fell.


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