Klansmen Song

Gather here as Klansmen true, no selfish pride have we
Liberty shall call to us, we’ll hear her famous plea
In home and God and country dear, we’ll close the Klansmen’s ranks
The blesses here so richly found, we’ll give to God our thanks

Ooh…It’s a Klansmen song

Today we hear our country’s call, it is an urgent cry
In every hour and every need she’ll always find us nigh
Now we all swore, our oath did take, our fiery cross did burn
In any old place we would enforce, ‘cos leadership was firm.

Ooh…It’s the Klansmen song

Arise yee sons above these sires, they can’t stop to count the cost
Got the constitution game, tomorrow may be lost
Sacrifice is made in vain, when we our laws defend
Our former rights, We wish restored
Now the fight on us descends

Ooh…It’s the Klansmen song