Napalm In The Morning

Southern boys from Texas went down to Vietnam
To fight against red peril an epic war began
The boys that came from Tennessee and Mississippi too
They didn’t want the reds in their beds

So they did what they could do
Stand and fight for what was right
We wouldn’t give in to the other side
The morning gains, the red day dawning

They want to smell our napalm in the morning
The Southern boys they went to war they took Confederate flags
The other men of different types worked behind their backs
At home the agitators were talking to the streets

Once again a war was lost by leaders who were weak
The traitors stand, in all our lands
But they will never show their hands
They want to see a red day dawning

They want to smell that napalm in the morning
The traitor was an actress from an acting family
She was happy to be filled on red artillery
The anti-Marxist pilots, they’d fallen to these guns

With this obnoxious traitor, she thought the script was fun
It’s always best, if we fight for the west, until we learn
The flags must burn, unless we stop, the marxist falling
We will all smell Napalm in the morning

Hey Barberella…