White Trash

You heard how Souths’ said to be graceful
White mansions live oaks and perfect lawns
The ladies and the gentlemen dress most tasteful
‘Cos it just depends to whose house you was born

They call me White trash, ‘cos my hair hangs long
My baggy pants with no buttons on
My teeth are black, my shoulder’s lack, but I fly – the Confederate flag
I’ve been told there’s a war, about to begin

I wanna get meaner than a Texas high wind
So come on Caleb, you’re a man to join in
When you fighting Yankees, red neck’s a mans best friend
Well I think what has gone

And I know where to find my shut eye
But I guess I volunteered for the war against the blue
Cause there ain’t nothing down here to do this much better
But some blue bully boys and the borders thing is through

They call me White trash, I’m a fighting man
I shall do the best I can, I maybe bad, but can be wild, but I’m ready
To defend the South, I’ll show them what white trash is