B & H White Cross

The White Cross is the Blood & Honour prisoner and their families support organisation. The group provides 28 prisoners with legal and spiritual aid, literature and financial assistance, but it also organises material support and help for the families of imprisoned 28 supporters.

We support those who have been arrested, charged, remanded or sentenced for offences relating to the 28 musical resistance.

Due to the refusal of the Red Cross, Amnesty International and other prisoner aid groups to support patriotic political prisoners, the White Cross makes sure no 28 prisoner is left behind or forgotten in their times of need.

In the times we live in, where patriotism and loyalty have become criminal acts, for safety reasons, many comrades have to keep their identities and whereabouts secret when in prison, the White Cross does not give out information on any prisoner unless requested too, and so provides a vital conduit between our organisation on the outside and those inside while maintaining the safety of all.

We are a self financing organisation which relies solely on donations from comrades, supporters and various fund raising operations held at 28 concerts and socials.

If you wish to support the White Cross and by doing so show solidarity with political prisoners of the 28 musical resistance network, please donate next time a 28 comrade comes collecting, please buy a raffle ticket or sign that card with words of comradeship and hope.

Small gestures from those on the outside mean so much to comrades held within and those small gestures help break the chains.

Ours is a Brotherhood that looks after its own in every way.

Cede Nullis 28!